A laboratory component. Students will work with simulated systems or real systems with simulated data. As they play the role of practitioners using these systems, they will learn what is happening "under the hood." They will experience threats to security and appreciate the need for standards, high levels of usability, and how errors can occur. Materials must support hands-on experience in computer labs and on-site in health organizations.


VistA for Education (VFE) is a free VistA solution that was arranged for the lab-based components of the ONC HIT Workforce Curriculum.

Please note that these installers are designed for the Windows operating system environment only.

Latest version of VistA for Education(VFE):VFE 2.03 GT.M

Click here: Download the latest version of VistA for Education

Vista Installer - VFE V2.03 GT.M: This new version is being provided to allow use of VistA without the need for an Intersystems Cache license. The license in Version 1.04 below will expire on April 4, 2013, at which time the software will no longer run. This latest version (VFE V2.03 GTM) is NOT backward compatible with previous versions of VistA released on this website. It features a new VistA database (GT.M, instead of the previous Cache) that runs within a Linux virtual machine. The installer installs and configures virtual machine software (VirtualBox) that allows components of VistA to run in a virtual machine environment. You MUST have Administrator privileges on your computer to successfully install this version of VistA for Education (VFE).

If you are more technically experienced and want to manually install VFE 2.03 GT.M, please click here to access the individual files and guidelines for a manual installation: http://pages.jh.edu/~vista4edu/

Previous versions of VistA for Education (VFE)

NOTICE: The Cachè license provided with the VistA for Education program, specifically VFE v1.04, only covers students enrolled in ONC HIT Workforce Development member colleges. Any other distribution of the DVD and/or downloadable installer would violate the Cachè licensing agreement. PLEASE NOTE THAT the current educational license for Cache expires April 4, 2013, after which this software cannot be used without a new license, therefore VFE v1.04 is no longer available.

VistA Installer 1.02 has been provided for non-member colleges with an inactive Cachè license. Non-members will need to pursue obtaining a Cachè Campus account and license directly from InterSystems Cachè: http://www.intersystems.com/cache/education/cachecampus/new_membership.html

After obtaining a new Cachè license/cache.key file from Intersystems:

  1. Copy the new cache.key file to c:\cachsys\mgr\ (overwriting existing .key file)
  2. Right click on the blue Cachè cube in the lower right corner and select "Stop Cachè"
  3. Select "Restart"
  4. Wait for Cachè to restart
  5. Your license should now be active and you can login to VistA

Download VistA Installer V1.02